Get ready to enter… The Door to Halloween!

15 Oct

I am very excited to announce that later this week, The Door to Halloween will be available for download and print order. This fantasy for children of all ages will surprise, delight and move you. Here is the write-up:

How many of us have wished to find a door to some magical world beyond our own? And what trick-or-treater hasn’t desired that the delights of All Hallows Eve could last all the year round? In a fantasy adventure that will haunt the reader’s imagination, Harrison Brown follows his twin brother Max through just such a door and into just such a world. There they will find friendship and fellowship with werewolves and witches, talking dolls, hobos and goat-women. They will also embark on an adventurous quest to liberate the land of Halloween from the grasp of Reverend Bones and his army of Horned Ones. Turn around three times, take three steps forward and enter…

The Door to Halloween.Door 360 3

You will marvel at this moving testament to the bonds of love that can break the barrier between worlds and restore joy to even the most burdened of hearts. In the magical tradition of Oz and Narnia, this fantasy tale celebrates the magic of the holiday and the child-like wonder which only waits to be awoken in each of us.


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