Autumn update

6 Oct

Well, I’m in the thick of teaching a new school year and just recently got back from California where I performed the wedding ceremony for my brother and his lovely new wife. Sadly, it has been a dry spell for the world of writing for me. My newest work, The Pyrelord still stands at two-thirds complete. Since writing the latest installment I have a new office, and I’ve decided it is nigh time to get down to the brass tacks of finishing off this (hopefully before the new year). At that point, I have some ideas about where I’ll turn my creative endeavors, but time will tell.

As for my publishing, I have to edit The Bone Snake and get that out to a publisher. This little horror novel has so much going for it, that I’m sure if you find the right place, people will love this story of ancient evil, gathering apocalypse and a group of motorcycle mamas that stand between it and us.

The Door to Halloween, my children’s fantasy novel is all ready to publish, just waiting on a cover from my lovely niece, Levi Tetreault. From what I’ve seen this is going to be a beautiful cover. The wonderful editor raved about the book, saying it was my best work she has read of mine thus far. She laughed and cried. Maybe you will, too. You’ll get a chance to find out by the end of October if everything works out.

I had some bad news on the short fiction front. A story I had written was enthusiastically accepted at the beginning of the year for what promised to be a great anthology. I got word the other day that the story had been cut due to time restraints. I have never heard of such a thing happening, and it was very disheartening, however, I may be able to turn this one around. Looking though my files, I’ve written four short stories and novelets which take place in the same superhero world. Maybe, 2014 may be the year of the superhuman for me.

Well, if I can get through my grading pile from a week away in California, I’m going to start in on all these projects.

Oh, and I just might be reading something published of mine at Quarterstaff Games in Burlington in an event put on by Geek Mountain State on Nov. 16. Not sure exactly if that is finalized, but I’ll post updates when it gets closer to time.

Yeah, the third and final volume of the fantasy epic The Vale of Shade, Lord of an Endless Realm is all ready and waiting for a cover. Hopefully, that will be available for Kindle download and hardcopy by the end of the year.

Go well and stay well,

T. L.


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