Published Works

-“The China People of Oz”- Shadows of the Emerald City- Oct., 2009
-“Number Seven was Empty”- Sideshow Fables– 2010
-“The Dragon Wager” – Kings of the Realm: A Dragon Anthology – Feb. 2010 and The Best of Lame Goat Press – 2010
-“Mother Cassie Goes on Account” – The Lorelei Singnal -July 2010 and Mystic Signals – August 2010
-“Uncle Silas Sat around the Campfire”- Fast Forward 3– June 2010
-“Mr. Klein’s Cancer”- Necrotic Tissue -July 2010
-“The Voice from the Tree” – Brain Soup Magazine – 2011
-“Thorbadin’s Dillema” –A Magical Summer Anthology (Pandora’s Imagination) – June 2010
-“Arthur Penniman, Private First Class” –School Days (Static Movement) – 2010
-“The House on Dearborn Street” – Ghostly Tales of Terror (Living Dead Press) – Oct, 2010
-“Texas Thunder” – Dark Romance from the Far Side (Static Movement) – 2010
-“England, the Bad Dream” – Oh, the Horror! (Static Movement) – Oct. 2010
-“In the End, We are Like our Fathers” – Unquiet Earth (Static Movement) 2011
AND- in So Long and Thanks for All the Brains!
-“To Serve the Weird” – Something from the Attic (Static Movement) 2010
-“The Back Seat was Empty” –Something from the Attic 2010
-“The Secret to Survival”- Unquiet Earth 2011
And in : So Long and Thanks for all the Brains!
-“Fair Time” – Daily Bites Anthology 2011(Pill Hill Press)
-“Ninja Blade” – Hit Men 2010
-“The Reservoir” – Isolation (Post Mortem Press) 2011
And- Dark Doorways: The Best of Post Mortem Press 2011
-“The Tripwire Trio” –Powers (Static Movement) 2011
Test of a Prince – Twisted Library of Fantasy (2011)
The Night Library- CreateSpace (2012)
Hairy Bromance– Damnation Books (2012)
-The Wardmaster- Post-Mortem Press (2012)
-“The Scholomance on Spring Street”- Re-Vamping a Classic Tale (Norgus Press)- 2012
-“The Deadly Duo” –We Were Heroes (Martinus Publishing) 2016

-“The Candy Bandits”- Scary Snippets Halloween Anthology (Suicide House Publishing) Oct, 2019

-“The Missing Blossom”- The Society of Misfit Stories (Bards and Sages Publishing) May, 2020


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