Update on the whole writing shebang!

28 Apr

I have just finished a novella which will be part of a book about Crimm, the Pyrelord. The entire saga of Crimm and his inter-dimensional adventures is perhaps a bit unique in its execution. Crimm is a psychic warrior that has been asleep for a thousand years. He has awoken to find that since he, despairing over the demise of his love, fell into a slumber the fair world of Vanaheim has fallen under the control of monstrous twisted ones, witch-lords who have amassed great power by consuming the bodies and souls of young witches. Now Vanaheim is one if the nine worlds in Norse Mythology. Midgard, is our world, and each of the worlds act as a kind of alternate dimension. Time moves differently in each as each also has a higher or lower frequency of consciousness (hence the slower time and the higher frequency of psychics born in Vanaheim).

What is so unique about this saga, is that each tale is told by a different person who, for better or worse, becomes a kind of companion to Crimm. Thus, each tale is really a separate story in itself, but all of them read strung together will tell the story of how the Pyrelord strives to set things right once more, and restore the Logos to his home and the other eight worlds.

The Wardmaster was published last year by Post Mortem Press. It tells the tale of Doctor Jack Nicodemus Ween, a witch-doctor of Vanaheim who awakens Crimm as he desperately tries to protect a very powerful witch-girl from falling into hands of the most powerful of the twisted Ka-Tik lords, Yallon. It is a powerful adventure with peril, pathos and powerful evil. There are zombies, necromancers, monsters, psychic-warriors, witches, and introduces a group of monster-hunting motorcycle ladies, the Valkyries. The Valkyries have spun off into their own horror series, the first volume of which should be available later this year. The Wardmaster is available now, so what are you waiting for?

I set out to write a story like I had never seen but had always wanted to read. The Crimm Chronicles mixes the adventure of Star Wars with the gothic sensibilities of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, and a whole bunch of good fantasy adventure. This newest work, The Pyrelord is about half done with a short story (“The Witch-Father”) and a novella (“The Stormherald”) complete. I, for one, am excited to see if Crimm and the other witch-children of Vanaheim will successfully restore the Logos to their home and reestablish their order of psychic protectors, the Vraghmin. Pick up The Wardmaster today, you won’t be sorry that you did.

In other news, I am waiting on a cover for the finale of The Vale of Shade saga, which takes place on the world of Jotunheim, the home of the giants. The Door to Halloween, a children’s fantasy about the magical holiday is being edited as we speak and should be available in time for autumn. The Bone Snake, the first Valkyrie novel, is waiting to be edited and covered, and that, too should be available by the end of the year. That puts us at a book every quarter of the year. I’m having a great time telling these stories and it means so much to hear that someone enjoyed reading them. Please, spread the word, and if you’ve enjoyed one of my tales: drop me  a note.

I am so grateful that I was born at such a time where I had access to the means to spreading my stories to others so easily. Take care everyone, and don’t be strangers!

T. L. Barrett


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