Review of 7 Habits of Highly Infective People by William Todd Rose

24 Apr

Hold onto your sanity and get ready for a zomberific, drug-induced and time-travelling good time! 7 Habits of Highly Infective People is a solid zombie apocalypse tale which has many things that sets it far beyond the rest of the pack. We are invited into the first person ramblings of one Bosley Coughlin, who has endeavored to shed himself of ego by using mystically enhanced drugs and instead manages to throw his consciousness into a girl in a dreadful future where zombies flourish and the remaining humans fight for scarce food. Upon returning to his own body and time, Bosley struggles to stop the infection as it begins, while we continue to follow the struggles of young Ocean in the future. The plot is engaging and twisty, the horror is immediate and tense, the characters are fully realized; but what really sets this trippy tale above all others of the like (Are there are stories of the like?) is the beautiful writing of one Mr. William Todd Rose. The writing is so evocative, descriptive, and powerful that I am sure I would read just about anything this man chose to write. He doesn’t, however bog the narrative down with his talent, and masterly resorts to a quicker pace toward the center of the volume to keep things moving. Without giving anything away, the narrative wraps itself up with a shining continuum bow, which also sets it above many of the time travel stories I have read. I agree that William Todd Rose is a talent to watch, and what better vantage point to begin doing so as the trippy perspective of one (very dude-like) Bosley Coughlin. Check it out!


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