Review of Super Human by Michael Carroll

3 Feb

“The time has come for a new generation of heroes.” is the tag line for this YA superhero fiction book which will not fail to entertain, impress and hook young and old fans of anything heroic and superhuman. In Super Human we are thrust into a world of superheroes during the outbreak of a super-virus that is lying low most of humanity except the children. Bit by bit we are introduced to a number of young people (most with super powers, some without) who are fully realized characters and are trying desperately to make sense of an evil organization’s plot to resurrect the most powerful super-being from Earth’s history. Are there a few moments when the characters seem forehead slapping annoying and childish? Yes, but this just makes us feel them as authentic teenagers in difficult circumstances. By the middle of the novel you are really rooting for these rounded and complicated people. The second ingredient to any good novel, the plot, begins abruptly and tears through the narrative, making this seem like a very quick read (with never a slow moment). In fact, I’m amazed that Mr. Carroll is able to invest as much pathos in the many characters while delivering the plot at such a break-neck speed. The final ingredient is the setting, and this one is so much fun that you will leave the book begging for more, and wondering what will happen to the young heroes who may have more to worry from their elder predecessors than the evil ones they have so heroically fought against. There are no real cheesy knock offs of famous comic book icons, but instead, Mr. Carroll has produced one of the better examples of superhero fiction that I can remember reading. Both my twelve-year-old son and I loved this book. He has already torn his way through the second volume in the series and is anxiously anticipating the third. I am right behind him. If you like heroes, superheroes or adventure, pick this one up, you’ll find yourself in the same situation.


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