My new pledge to my dream.

1 Feb

As of 1.20.13, I made a renewed pledge to write everyday (aiming for 1.5 hours). So far I have stayed to it. Making up for one sick day with 5-6 hours during a snowday. My goal is to have the first Valkyrie novel, The Bone Snake completed in first draft by my birthday, 2/20. So far, so good. I average about 1k per hour, and I’m at 57k on the book. The book will be somewhere in the range of 80-85k.

If I continue to write at this speed I should be able to complete four books a year. Which is good considering I have at least six Valkyrie novels planned and 9 Crimm chronicles. That is on top of the scores of novel and series ideas I have planned for the future. Inspiration is not a problem with me, it’s time and discipline.

I also don’t read as much as I used to. Part of this is because of the intense amount of death in my family: (three family members and a dog in the past month). But, whenever I do finish a novel I plan on writing a review and leaving it here. People seemed to enjoy it at the old Blog site, so what the heck. I always love it when I read a review that turns me onto a new author or series.

A note about The Bone Snake: I am having fun with the monster-fighting motorcycle mamas and their allies and enemies. The Valkyries appeared in The Wardmaster, but here they get the spotlight in a work which is comedy, drama, horror, action, and totally twisted fantasy. I’ll try to keep you updated.



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