Love Letters to the Universe #24: Hairless Monkey Rex

25 Apr

Dear Universe,

I am humbled through my love for you. My words in these letters fall out into the void of your being mixed with the countless and fathomless well of words in so many tongues that have fallen. I know I am but one hairless monkey marking my passing here with my thoughts transcribed to clumsy symbols, desperate for what? Your approval? With the efforts to transform you? May I never fall into such a trap of ego.

For I see that I am but one hairless monkey, but I have been given existence, indelibly stamped upon creation. I have been witnessed to wonders and tragedies. I have been given the capacity to hope for less tragedy, more of the promising fulfillment that I have sensed written into me and to all of my kind. May I not think that that hope is shared by you, sweet making?

I have been given the ability to witness creation as it happens about me, and I know that it is also me that is being created, guided by pain, pleasure, regret, and celebration. It is through this humility that I feel the awe of the you in an instant, when the transcendental arrives through the smile of a friend or the sunlight reflected off a discarded can. So might I hope to smile, so reflect the light that makes no thing discarded, and all as it should be.

Oh, universe, let me be careful! Let me endow the descriptions I will attempt herein with the spirit of that humility. Let my words reflect the grace that is you.

For as I cross over into the summerlands of your wheel to describe the first of the superstars, I see that I am on somewhat foreign soil. I come from the west and the north, how then can I hope to capture the brilliance and gaudy show of those of the south?

Let me not judge. Let that humility guide me and the awe fill me that tells me that each archetype of personality is necessary as it is part of this wheel, this web which is a reflection of your wholeness. Each personality is laid over individuals and myth as a cross to bear. How appropriate then do I see the archetype before me, and know what a burden it is to be the one to draw the sword from the stone, to be called to greatness, to be…

  1. The Rex

Primary Mode of Operation: Recognition (South)

Secondary Mode of Operation: Control (East)

Epithets: The Knight of Swords, The Steward, The Inheritor, The Commander, The Facilitator

Mythic Examples: King Arthur, Tony Stark (Iron Man),  The Earl of Grantham (Downton Abbey), Oedipus Rex,

Description: The Rex feels the inherent need to be noticed and recognized so that he can assert some form of control through that recognition. The resulting child that grows from these drives can understandably become quite demanding. The child will be born aware of how expectations are constantly put upon one, and will reflect that expectation back at reality and those around them.

A natural leader, and often blessed with an innate charisma, the young rex will be a peer leader and will try to achieve recognition through mastery of skills and competitions. The child needs to feel recognized for whatever internal state he is experiencing which leads to an indulgence of character that feeds into the egomaniacal expression of some of humanity’s worst failings.

This of course can lead to a loss of control of the self, and that is when the shadowy aspects of the Rex will begin to fully take root.

To run from this, the Rex may turn to substances for relief. Substance abuse is a very real danger for the Rex that is underdeveloped.

However, once the Rex understands that the best way to keep recognition (or dominion) of oneself is to control oneself, then he begins to show some of the best qualities of the true leader that the rest of hairless monkey kind needs as an inspiration.

Then, the cross which is the very personality of the Rex is carried with humility. The noble and developed Rex will then realize the fruits of responsibility and will seek recognition by trying to better and organize the combined efforts of others. It is here that the Rex will truly shine as he is usually gifted with a quick and strategic mind, and can best utilize and recognize the skills and aptitudes of others.

At heart, the Rex is a male version of the Diva. He acts best as a facilitator and an inspiring figurehead bringing the best out of those around him. Those who do so follow the Rex will know how heavy the head is that wears the crown. They will lay down their reputations and lives, because they have faith and trust that the Rex is doing everything that he can to wield whatever privilege he has for the greater good.

Naturally, The Rex will seek employment as an administrator, an entrepreneur, or a politician. He may often hone a particular skill set which will gain him the expertise to be known as an expert and leader in a field, which is where he is most fit. The veteran Rex that has learned how to control his own ego will be happiest, for he will have a round table filled with competent and adoring friends instead of the constant battle to control a world so that it is forced to adore.

Tony Stark, born into privilege and with an uncanny technical ability, is the perfect example of the young Rex. He demands autonomy, and will often try to shirk his responsibilities. His ego is almost unparalleled and when he falls to alcoholism then we understand the weight of that ego. He, however, begins to accept his responsibilities and becomes an affable member of the heroic league which will protect his people. He is his own worst enemy, but then when he fully embraces his role, he is the consummate showman and a gallant hero. From the stone of his father’s genius and wealth, Tony has pulled a sword of technological might. When he takes on the responsibility for that wealth and power he learns to be a better man, and perhaps will not sit easier upon the throne, but will be recognized for the very best qualities that he should be championing.

Ideal match: The Queen, The Diva

Challenging types for the Rex: The Medicine Man, the Sage, The Fairy Godmother, The Medicine Woman

The Shadow Type: The Tyrant: The Rex’s shadow side is truly a frightening and awful figure to behold. The Tyrant seeks to control every aspect of everyone’s lives because that his how he is recognized. He craves power for the sake of power. When his feminine Empress quality is distorted to feed his male superstar ego, then everyone will suffer. The Rex has taken the desperate turmoil of his uncontrolled and seething ego and manifested that pain on the outside world. Anyone stuck with a tyrant in their lives will have to put up with grandstanding fits of megalomania and deceptive emotional manipulation. Nothing is ever good enough for the Tyrant unless he can put his stamp upon it. Preferring it broken over whole and well, if that is what is necessary to claim control over it. Here we see that the Tyrant is the opposite of the benevolent Rex. Whereas the Rex will bring out the best, the Tyrant actually encourages the worst in people. He will make them break their bonds of oath, their integrity and more just to satisfy his lust for obedience. He will encourage dependency and simpering hypochondria in his own children so that they will be more malleable.

We have been warned so many times by writers and historians of those who egomaniacally try to control the world when they cannot even control themselves. We have seen too many tyrants among the hairless monkey kind. Their attitudes have created systems of economic destruction and tyrannical oppression.

How wonderful, then would it be, sweet universe, if the hairless monkey would grow up, finally. What could the hairless monkey rex not inspire in us, when he lifts the sword of his mind and will toward the problems facing us all? Would we not run to his side and join in the fight for right?

Would we not forgive some of the extravagances such a shining character may make? It is said that Arthur Rex awaits rebirth. May he be so reborn again and again making each successive generation a more wonderful addition to Hairless monkey kind.

I could wish no less for the lovely recipient of this letter.

Yours Forever and Ever,



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