Using MBTI for character development.

24 Nov

Hi, winter is here in the dark northern woods. After solstice, I find my creative wheels really start turning, and it is the first six months of the year in which I really get my writing done. I am preparing for this turning inward to the realities I desire to share with whoever will read about them. Usually, this involves a mad research phase in which I obsessively read everything I can about a few subjects. This year I am fully involved in studying the MBTI- or Meyer Briggs personality types. As I am amazed at how accurate these tests can describe the basic anatomy of  personality, I have decided to use the basic descriptions of the sixteen personality types to inform my writing. Now, I will throw up a situation and thrust one of the 16 inside and see what happens. I don’t know that this will really effect the end product, but it does help to think of personality in terms of direction and plot development. I’ve always felt like the character drives the story. Well, here is an interesting article that you might find interesting. There are lots of tests out there and posts about what superhero or fictional character you are. If you can’t find them then give me a holler. I’ll post some of them. Well, I have to hit the grading pile, then turn my efforts to the editing of my latest novel. I just hope I won’t spend all my time typing my characters for personality.
See you around,


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