A brand new 5 star review of Hairy Bromance!

11 Apr

“Hairy Bromance is an oddly entertaining book. It’s full of monsters, but they’re
not quasi-scary, mindless beasts. They’re like normal people who just happen to
be monsters. While the two main characters Glen and Barry are a Sasquatch and
Werewolf, the book has just about every other monster imaginable. Some I even
had to Google to figure out what they are.

The story is simple: Glen and
Barry get run out of their homes after they allow photographic evidence of them
to show up in their local paper. The most logical thing to do? Head cross
country to Comic-Con! Along the way, they run into a variety of beasts (both
friendly and unfriendly), get chased by monster hunters, drink beer (lots of
it), face significant issues from their pasts, publicly “out” monsters as a part
of society, and even manage to get lucky.

What really impressed me is how
incredibly well-written it is. The characters are so well fleshed out that I
didn’t really think of them as monsters (even the ones that were not even
vaguely humanoid). The author clearly has serious talent, and I look forward to
reading more.”


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