First Five Star Review for The Bastard Prophecy

20 Mar

“In The Bastard Prophecy we rejoin the Order of the Vale on their quest to
unravel the worsening evil that perverts both Prince Arden and the land of
Jotunheim. Friendships will be forged and courage will be tested as Prince Arden
and his companions uncover the clues guiding their search for the Vale of Shade.
The dark prophet Malvane feels their growing threat and through his followers
responds with horrific results as T. L. Barrett skillfully sets the stage for
volume three with the issue still very much in doubt.

Strong characters
,old and new, along with an equally strong storyline spiced with magic and
mystery propel this excellent second volume of The Vale of Shade trilogy. I
thoroughly enjoyed The Bastard Prophecy and enthusiastically look forward to
volume three, Lord of an Endless Realm. Well worth the read for fans of well
written fantasy or horror.”- Drizz’t Fan


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