Order a copy of The Bastard Prophecy now!

28 Feb


The Bastard Prophecy is available for order. This is the second installment in The Vale of Shade Trilogy, my first major literary achievement. It has been a long road getting here, but the journey to the Vale of Shade is that much closer to completion. Lord of an Endless Realm is being edited as you read this, so it shouldn’t be more than a couple of months before you enter the darkest place in the nine realms. Until then catch up with Tuckus, Oakia, Arden, Arriana, Lodon, Carver and the other denizens of Jotunheim in this dark middle chapter (think of The Empire Strikes Back in the original Star Wars saga). The book is reasonably priced at just $14.95, and the cover is gorgeous and painted by the inestimable Curtis Hale.

If this intrigues you, but you haven’t stepped foot into the curse-ravaged world of Jotunheim yet, check out Test of a Prince, the volume that begins the whole shebang!



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