The Big Update

15 Feb

1. I’ve been writing every day, (or making up for day’s missed) and having a great time. My newest novel, The Bone Snake shall be done this weekend. This fantasy/horror story features the monster-hunting motorcycle mamas, The Valkyries. This is one weird, twisted, and depraved novel of heroism, gutsy strong ladies, monsters, supernatural mystery and more.

2. The artist is working on the cover to The Bastard Prophecy, the sequel to Test of a Prince. Thanks for waiting everyone; I know it will be worth it. As soon as the cover is done and formatted it shall be out. I am shooting for March 20th at this point.

3. My next novel will really be an anthology of Crimm tales each of which will be from a different point of view of one of Crimm’s many companions. The deadline should be May 30th. These tales will most likely take place just after the events of The Wardmaster.



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