First Review-5 Stars!

25 Nov
5.0 out of 5 stars The Wardmaster November 23, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition
I have started this several times and each time I’ve had to stop myself. I didn’t anticipate any difficulties in reviewing The Wardmaster, I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. Once I nestled in and started reading I couldn’t put it down. Therein lies my problem. I enjoyed The Wardmaster so much that each time I started writing I found myself enthusiastically going on about everything that makes Crimm so interesting, or all the cool stuff about the crossroads or Midgard or Dr Jack Ween and the mysterious Friday, discoveries you should make yourself by reading The Wardmaster. There are a few things I can tell you though without spilling the beans.

You will find The Wardmaster to be a delicious blend of mystery, suspense, action, humor, joy and sadness, with a dash of romance, a pinch of revenge and a hint of things to come. Binding these elements together is an exciting and well paced story filled with a rich cast of characters brought to life by Barret, especially Crimm the Pyrelord. Crimm is everything I expect in a fantasy hero, plus he is possessed of some very cool skills that, to me, place him a cut above most.

Expect the unexpected, discover a world full of magic, twisted evil on the verge of total conquest and a desperate people clinging to hope, all of the elemental threads required in a classic fantasy novel expertly woven together by a very talented storyteller. Barrett has used his gift for storytelling to spin an impressive debut adventure for an equally impressive new hero. Should you find your imagination in need of some play time, I suggest sitting down with The Wardmaster and letting T.L Barrett take you on a visit to Vanaheim. I look forward to visiting Vanaheim again and again as I follow the Chronicles of Crimm.


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