Anthocon 2012

11 Nov

A wonderful time was had at Anthocon 2012 in Portsmouth NH. I got a chance to meet so many wonderful writers and publishers: Eric and Stephanie Beebe from Post-Mortem Press, G Elmer Munson, Nicholas Conley, Robert Duperre, Rick Hautala, Gary Braunbeck, Charles Day and so many more! I got a chance to read from Chapter 2 of The Wardmaster and was inspired by the other readings.

I am now in the middle of writing the first novel which features the Valkyries exclusively. I know everyone will enjoy reading about these group of bad-ass monster-killing motorcycle mamas.

But, first on my agenda is the edits on Hairy Bromance which will be out December 1st.

Sent out a short story and a novelet to a magazine and anthology. Keep your fingers crossed for me folks!



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